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Carnarval Game Studio was created in 2014 with the purpose of making games. We are currently working on Sycko City. Learn more about us!


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Carnarval Game Studio was created in 2014 when four university friends started to work together on a contest hold by Unicef. Until 2016 we were only a four team members, now we are 7 working on a MMO called Sycko City.

In this three years of activities we have worked in two titles Voyager and Sycko City. Voyager was a game published in a game jam called SPJam.

Our team main goal is to develop and publish games with great quality and also bring to users the possibility to share and interact with each other. Integration is one of the things we value the most. We are working to bring games to platforms like desktop(OSX, Linux, Windows), mobile(Android, iOS) and console(PS4, Xbox One).

Carnarval Game Studio from Brazil to the World!


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